Europe Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 bundle revealed

In a complete suprise out of nowhere via Webhallen a Swedish retailer website has shown what appears to be a PS3 and GTA IV. Inside that box will be Grand Theft Auto IV, a 40 GB PS3. The PS3 box is also something special as its something many GTA fans will want to keep. Also theres a chance this bundle might include the rumbling DualShock 3. Currently this bundle has only been announced in Europe but we can hope this unit will hit stateside when GTA IV comes out. The GTA IV bundle will be priced at 4,499 SEK ( around $755, also note that in Europe gaming is a tad more expensive). I’d be suprised not to see Microsoft launch a similar bundle for PS3, but if they don’t and assuming this bundle does come to the US this will help people further associate the PlayStation branding and Grand Theft Auto.

(Via Engadget)